Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Planning Commission, 4-26-2017 *updated

Planning Commission Agenda
April 26, 2017


The Provo City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. in the Municipal Council Chambers of the Provo City Center, located at 351 West Center Street. The items listed below will be discussed, and anyone interested is invited to attend and provide comment. Preceding the public hearing, dinner will be provided to Planning Commission members at 5:00 p.m. in the Community Development Conference Room, located at 330 West 100 South. The Planning Commission dinner is open to the public; however, formal presentation of items, public comment and actions will be reserved for the public hearing at 5:30 p.m. in the Municipal Council Chambers. Planning Commission hearings can be viewed live on Channel 17 or linked from the Provo City website at http://provo.org/city-services/channel-17.

Public Hearings
ITEM 1 Elmer Barrientos requests Project Plan Approval for a commercial and residential building located at 401 West 100 North in the General Downtown (DT1) Zone. Downtown Neighborhood. 17-0008PPA, Robert Mills, 801-852-6407

ITEM 2 **CONTINUED** Kristen Lesa requests Project Plan Approval for a 10-unit apartment building located at 691 East 600 North in the Residential Conservation Zone. This application is subject to a Zone Change Approval. Joaquin Neighborhood. 17-0007PPA, Dustin Wright, 801-852-6414

ITEM 3* **CONTINUED** Kristen Lesa requests a Zone Change from Residential Conservation (RC) to a PRO Zone to allow 10 residential apartments on 0.19 acres located at 691 East 600 North. Joaquin Neighborhood. 17-0004R, Dustin Wright, 801-852-6414

ITEM 4* **CONTINUED** Kristen Lesa requests an ordinance amendment to add a new PRO Zone for property located at 691 East 600 North. The property is currently zoned Residential Conservation and would require this zone change. Joaquin Neighborhood. 17-0001OA, Dustin Wright, 801-852-6414
ITEM 5* Solstice Homes LLC requests the Rezoning of 5 properties totaling approximately 22 acres, from the RA (Residential Agricultural) and A1.5 (Agricultural 5-acre minimum) zones to the R1.8 (Single-Family Residential) zone, located approximately 831 and 1041 West 1560 South. The rezoning would facilitate the development of a residential subdivision with an 8,000 square foot lot size minimum. Lakewood Neighborhood. 16-0012R, Austin Corry, 801-852-6413

ITEM 6* Provo City Community Development Department requests a Zone Change for approximately 58.6 acres of property located at approximately 1500 South State Street from Light Manufacturing (M-1) Zone to Low Density Residential (LDR) Zone. Spring Creek Neighborhood. 17-0007R, Austin Corry, 801-852-6413

Items noted on this agenda with a star (*) require a public hearing and legislative action by the Municipal Council. The Council hearing dates will be noticed 14 days prior to the Council meeting in the legal notices of the Daily Herald. Council agendas can be viewed at the Provo City Council web site on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting at http://publicdocuments.provo.org/sirepub/meet.aspx. For more information, call (801) 852-6120.

Items on this agenda without a star (*) are administrative and require the approval only the Planning Commission. Decisions on the unmarked items may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment by making application with the Community Development Department by 6:00 p.m. within 14 days of the Planning Commission decision.
 Notices are provided as a courtesy. All legally required notices can be found on the Utah Public Meeting Notice website. Comments and questions about City Council agendas should be directed to the Council Office at (801) 852-6120.