Wednesday, June 15, 2016

City Council Work Meeting, 6-16-2016

Work Meeting Retreat
10:00 AM, Thursday, June 16, 2016
Room 310, City Conference Room
351 West Center, Provo, Utah
  • Agenda
  • Roll Call
  • Opening Prayer
  • An overview of the Budget Meeting by Council Staff.
  • A presentation from Downtown Provo, Inc.
  • A presentation on Zoning Enforcement.
  • Department Questions and Answers
    1. Parks & Recreation
    2. Public Works
    3. Community Development
    4. Break for Lunch
    5. Redevelopment Agency
    6. Police Department
    7. Fire Department
    8. Energy Department
    9. Administrative Services
  • Break
  • A discussion on the Council Budget Committee recommendations and Council
  • Priorities.
  • A discussion on the proposed property tax increase.
  • A discussion on the Utility Rate Increases.
  • A discussion on the Disaster Recovery Funding.
  • A discussion on Council direction to staff.
  • Adjournment
Materials and Agenda:
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